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I want to be able to add some simple security to one of my pages, basically  
my page allows users to submit a text field which gets parsed into MySQL db  
and displayed on other pages. At the moment anyone can submit text which  
opens the page to abuse. I don't want to implement a user login system. I  
had envisaged the addition of a password entry box which the Submit button  
checks against the db before proceeding, so if any user has the correct  
password then they can submit.

Having never done password stuff before, could somebody please point me in  
the right direction?

Also, if I have the config data to connect to the mysql db in a PHP file on  
my server, can anybody just open it?



Re: Some simple security

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You should use the <input type="password"> form input, and POST the data  
(not GET) back to the form.  Check the password field with your stored  
password, and you know whether the user is cool or not :)

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As long as the server isn't configured to allow it to be fed directly to the  
user, you'll be safe.

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