Some extensions loading, some not

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Recently I have installed and set up a brand new server:

IBM xSeries eserver 306
Windows Server 2003 Standard SP1
PHP 5.0.4 (using ISAPI module)

I am decently familiar with installing and configuring PHP and have
done it on a few Windows machines running various versions of both the
OS and PHP.  This is my first time dealing with PHP5, and also Server
2003 for that matter.  I followed the instructions on to
manually configure PHP, and I seem to have gotten it working.

My problem is that some of the extensions are being loaded, and some
are not.  Specifically, the following extensions are successfully being


The fact that these are being loaded correctly tells me that my php.ini
(in the windows folder) is being read, that the extension dir is
correct, and that the permissions on the DLL files are correct.  I
fiddled around briefly with the permissions for the mysql dll, but all
others I left with what they inherited from the parent.

Following are some of the dlls that are not able to be loaded:


Attempting to load one of these shows a dialog box with an error that
the specified module cannot be found and lists the correct and accurate
path to the DLL.  The permissions on these are the same as on the DLLs
that are successfully loaded, and they are in the same location pointed
to by the extension_dir setting.

This actually had me questioning whether I was possibly viewing
characters in another language.  It LOOKS like an l, but how can I be
sure?  ( <- not serious)

Does anyone know what I am missing, other than my sanity?

Re: Some extensions loading, some not

Read the manual for those extensions that aren't loading. They require
other non-PHP related DLL files...


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