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Hi All,

I've got an issue with my client. He claims the software he received
has got certain flaws and in our opinion his claims are ridiculous and
I want to contest them.

Do you know any UK based companies which do software (php, mysql)
testing and checks? I would like to test our application and possibly
use the results of independent company against the client.

Any links or suggestion would be very appreciated.

All the best,

Re: software testing companies; dispute

Richard wrote:
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If it has flaws, he should be able to demonstrate them to you.  The only
problem would be if something is a "flaw" or an "enhancement".  And that
depends on your contract.

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Re: software testing companies; dispute

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Collecting such evidence really isn't worth the time and effort unless
you're going after this client in court for breach of contract.  Unless
you're going to litigate this, why bother?  There's probably very little
you can do to satisfy this sort of client without the project's
requirements document (you got one, right?).  How about a statement of
work signed by both of you?

Typical projects of reasonable size have documentation for various
milestones of completion that require client and contractor sign-off
(and requisite payment) before work continues to the next phase.  Even
for  small efforts, work shouldn't start until the client had signed a
statement of work which outlined the scope and services to be delivered.  
Larger projects can have more paperwork like a requirements document,
status reports, and a "installation verification" document to show that
the requirements were met.  All documents should be signed and approved
by both parties.

In this day and age of prototyping, Internet-time projects, all these
documented steps seem to go out the window.  When it comes down to it,
you're entering a contract.  When disputes happen, paperwork can help
both sides resolve the dispute.  Requirements documents are key to
prevent scope creep and he-said-she-said disputes over features.

If you've gotten paid 80% of your fee with the final payment hanging in
the balance, ask yourself if it's worth fighting over their "issues" to
recover the remaining balance.

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