Software testers wanted

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To test a new piece of software designed to help with (among other  
things) eCommerce WWW site development. The software is fairly easy to  
use but you must fit a profile. Retail price is 120 GBP and I'll email  
full releases to anyone who helps FOC of course:


You must be willing to spend some time with the software and report back  
as a matter of urgency.  

You must have back end programming skills Perl PHP etc (HTML/JAVA won't  
cut it) but you don't need to be a Guru. This is back end software not  
web page design stuff.

You could be developing on Win32 or Linux platforms. You dont need to be  
a professional programmer but -
You should be able to point me at at least 1 web site you developed  
personally so I can see what sort of things you do.

Please list briefly the languages you use and hardware/OS. I DONT want  
your CV or life story !

You must have executable access on your server. EG. You should be able to  
use PHP exec() function or similar for your language.

You don't need to be a genius - just be able to reply by email asap on  
your findings and opinions on the current state of play.
The software may be used by you commercially in accordance with its  
standard license in return for your help.

I expect most people wouldn't need to spend more than a couple of
hours with it to able to understand it pretty well.

You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
If you want to help - in the first instance you can send me some details  


Top line is username bottom is domain put the obvious between them.
This is a transitory email address which will vanish soon.

Thanks - john

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