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I am seeking a Software Developer to develop and administer PHP, MySQL
and Apache.  Suitable candidates will possess 3+ years PHP 5, Apache
and MySQL development experience in addition to strong Database design
skills. It is also desirable that candidates have knowledge of
developing CRM based systems and or other customer based administration

Contract : 2 Months with possible extensions
Required to work on location in offices based in Theale working with
current development team

To apply please send your CV to

Re: Software Developer

I'm seeking a technical recruiter who knows what they are talking
about. He/She shall know that PHP5 has only been out approximately  1.5

It is also desireable that he/she have 100+ years of recruiting
experience and 50+ years knowlege of computer/software terminology.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Re: Software Developer

samudasu wrote:
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not to mention the fact that they are posting an "on-site only" job in a global  
(world-wide) forum and would wager that they would not be willing to raise the  
rate to cover travel expenses.

The recruiter should also instruct their clients that based on the description,  
the job in question could be done sitting on the beach with a cold beverage of  
choice, a laptop and a cell phone.  (Actually done that!! )

Re: Software Developer

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 13:38:45 +0000, Michael Austin wrote:

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Hay! Leave her alone, she's quite good looking ;-)

Geezzz no wonder why geeks don't have girlfriends :p

Re: Software Developer

CJ Llewellyn wrote:

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She may be "good-looking" however,
my comments were very true in today's ecomomy - everyone thinks they have to  
have the "consultant" on-site but are unwilling to make the rates such that it  
would be possible. Doing as much traveling as I have done over the past 10+  
years, travel expenses are ~$28-$32 per hour based on a 36-40 hour work week.

So, for a consultant to cover his/her own expenses, his/her own taxes, his/her  
own  health care,  his/her own retirement fund AND actually have a life, the  
rate should be 2.5 times the rate of a full time employee + the travel expenses  
which equate to at LEAST $75-100/hr.  Any more, if a consultant can get into a  
major company at ~40.00/hr they are lucky and usually have to go through a  
"preferred" vendor that does little more than take money from the client, skim a  
large chunck off of the top and give what's left over to the poor consultant.

Quite frankly it seems like it would be considered restrictive trade practices.  
   And the Company loses because they generally do not get the BEST candidate -  
only the one willing to work for such swill.

Michael Austin.
DBA Consultant
Donations welcomed. Http://

Re: Software Developer

PHP wrote:
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That's impossible.  PHP 5.0.0 Beta 1 was released on June 29, 2003; the
production version of PHP 5.0.0 went out on July 13, 2004:

Anyone who claims to "possess 3+ years PHP 5" is a fraud (unless they
are on the Zend team, that is...)


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