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I have the following code being used in several of my PHP scripts
(it's in an include file). It opens a socket connection to a process
that's running on the same computer that IIS/PHP is running on. The OS
is Windows XPPro. This all works fine - no problems.

$portnum = 1001;
$address = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
$socket = @fsockopen($address, $portnum, $errno, $errstr, 2);

For experimental purposes, I copied the scripts over to another
computer that's set up with IIS/PHP in Windows Vista Business. The
socket fails to connect. After much experimentation, I discovered that
if I used the server's IP address instead of the
$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] variable, then the socket connects just fine.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Is it something to do with the
Vista OS? Or do I have something mis-configured?

And, BTW, the value of $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is correct. And, both
of these computers are operating on my own LAN.

Re: Socket connection issue

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Open a command window on the Vista box and try to ping by both IP and
hostname.  If pinging by hostname fails, then you have a DNS issue,
not a php issue.  In that case, I'd suggest heading over to
microsoft.public.* and asking in a Vista group.

If pining by hostname works, perhaps it is the port that is blocked?
Check the settings in the Vista box's firewall.
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Re: Socket connection issue


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Thanks Charles.

I tried what you suggested. Pinging works ok both way - IP address and

You're probably correct in that something in Vista is blocking the
port. I'm not running the firewall at all. I've looked around in the
various settings in Vista but have been unable to find anything. I'll
keep digging and see if I can find anything. (stuff is buried pretty
deep in Vista)

Thanks for the tips.

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