socket_close() problem

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Hi to everybody.

First, let mi apologize if I'm doing a newbe question: I'm not a PHP
programmer, but I have to solve a problem located in a PHP web page.
Thanks in advance if you try to help me.

I have a Linux host (Suse 9.2 2.6.8-24.14-smp) running
apache2-2.0.50-7.3 and php4-4.3.8-8.2. In this host there is also a C
custom made server. The PHP web page opens a socket in order to send
data to the C server. The problem happens when the web page close the
connection using socket_shutdown($socket,2); and socket_close($socket);
At this moment the socket connection ends (after a short TIME_WAIT
state), but the C server socket file descriptor remains until it is
stopped. There aren't error messages or values.

This is a lsof (list open files) screen showing the problem:

pcotcpvie 6509 mem       REG        3,2   106308    8857
pcotcpvie 6509 mem       REG        3,2  1359489    8882
pcotcpvie 6509   0r      CHR        1,3            28476 /dev/null
pcotcpvie 6509   1u      CHR      136,1                3 /dev/pts/1
pcotcpvie 6509   2u      CHR      136,1                3 /dev/pts/1
pcotcpvie 6509   3r     FIFO        0,7            10100 pipe
pcotcpvie 6509   4w     FIFO        0,7            10100 pipe
pcotcpvie 6509   5u     unix 0xd0a01580            21433 socket
pcotcpvie 6509   6u     IPv4      21434            TCP *:pcovie
pcotcpvie 6509   7u     sock        0,4            21435 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509   8u     sock        0,4            21482 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509   9u     sock        0,4            21483 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  10u     sock        0,4            22069 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  11u     sock        0,4            22274 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  12u     sock        0,4            22305 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  13u     sock        0,4            22314 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  14u     sock        0,4            22398 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  15u     sock        0,4            22402 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  16u     sock        0,4            22413 can't identify
pcotcpvie 6509  17u     sock        0,4            22669 can't identify

At every new connection close, it appears a new "can't identify
protocol" line

This problem don't happen if I use a C client to connect to the C
server, so this let me to think that the problem is in the PHP code or
maybe in the apache config.

The fact is that I'm very disconcerted. I haven't found any information
on the net, so I will apreciate your suggests.

Kind regards!

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