soapServer does not error checking

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Hi all,

I've been testing a basic SOAP server in PHP5 and noticed that even in WSDL
mode, the server doesn't care what you send it. I created WSDL with like 1
action and 3 different tags defined (input1, input2, input3), but it doesn't
care if I only send input2 or even if I send it 20 different tags that
aren't even in the WSDL! (as long as it's a valid SOAP request)

How can this be right ? if the input from the client doesn't match the WSDL,
shouldn't it throw an exception ? I remember having to submit data to an ASP
based SOAP server before and it was *very* strict about what it wanted - if
you so much as breathed the wrong way on the request, it was a fatal error
(I want the same behavior from PHP).


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