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Can someone tell how to create a header within a SOAP Message for sending  
wwith HTTP Client? And how to use x509 certificate with this HTTP Request?


Thanks for the help.

Re: SOAPClient Header PHP

What package are you using for SOAP? (The PHP SOAP extension, NuSOAP,
etc.) Or are you generating the XML directly from PHP or using a plain
XML extension?

Also, what do you mean by HTTP Client? Are you using the Jakarta
HttpClient class through PHP-Java integration or some other class or
project called HTTP Client? Or do you mean using HTTP in general?

-Michael Placentra II

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Re: SOAPClient Header PHP

Im using the PHP SOAP extension.

Within .net you are using httpwebrequest for sending an soapmessage to a  
java webservice. I am trying to send an request to an webservice and save  
this answer to the database. Here by i have to use an x509 certificate.
If someone has another idea to post an soapmessage with no wsdl.


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Re: SOAPClient Header PHP

I used the curl extension to do that. It has a few advantages: you can
specify almost every option you can think of (like the use of
certificates, also an issue in my case) and you can test the service
with some pre-brew xml to test it. And you can log the entire request
and response to see what happens. The only drawback is that you have to
study the options.

Good luck!

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