SoapClient - fault: "HTTP" - Error Fetching http headers.

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I intermittently get the following error when calling a soap method:
"HTTP" - Error Fetching http headers.

Its really hit or miss... sometimes it works sometimes not.

The exception doesn't provide any more information, but I simply
cannot identify why the request would consistently work sometimes,
then consistently fail other times.

The request fails fast, so it doesnt appear to be a socket timeout
(which is set to 60 sec in my php.ini).

I get the soap client object fine and can make a call to one method
all the time, but others fail.
SoapClient Object
    [_soap_version] => 1
    [sdl] => Resource id #40
    [httpsocket] => Resource id #56
    [_use_proxy] => 0
    [httpurl] => Resource id #57

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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