SOAP: Procedure 'foo' not present

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Hi there,

I'm trying to find out what is causing this error:

<faultstring>Procedure 'foo' not present</faultstring>

I've got a class 'bar' with a public function 'foo'. I create a  
SOAPServer with a wsdl, call setClass with a single parameter, the  
string 'bar', then call the SOAPServer's handle() function.

However, the result from a client is always the above message (wrapped  
in a SOAPFault).

If I try to access a function that is not present in the wsdl or class  
bar, say foo2, I receive the message "Unrecognized method 'foo2'. List  
of available method(s): foo."

If I loop through the output of the SOAPServer's getFunctions()  
function, it does indeed say that function foo is available.

So, the question is, what is causing the "Procedure 'foo' is not  
present" message?

Thanks for any help,


Re: SOAP: Procedure 'foo' not present

All my PHP SOAP stuff seemed to break when I went from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4.
Quaking from the percieved lack of support,  I tore it all out because
I really didn't need it.

For actual service requirement I use something like JSON,  or
Properties-over-http.  Not even xml.



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