soap client for apache soap server.

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I have to find a soap client to be able to connet to java apache soap
server.And I must send a file and envelope xml.I found nusoap but I
can t achieve to communicate it.

Does anybody knows anything about it?


Re: soap client for apache soap server.

Here's a basic idea of how to use NuSOAP:

$ns = 'https://name/space/here!!!';
$nusoap = new soapclient( $ns, true );
$nusoap->soap_defencoding = 'UTF-8';
$nusoap->setHeaders( '<...>...headers here!!!...</...>' );
$response = $nusoap->call( 'command', '<...> here!...</...>', $ns );

Then $response will be an associative array of whatever data was  
returned. You should also be checking for errors after each action with  
a function like this:

function errorCheck( $nusoapObj )
   if( $soapObj->fault )
     trigger_error( ": ",  

   $clientError = $soapObj->getError();
   if( $clientError )
     trigger_error( $clientError, E_USER_ERROR );

$nusoap = new soapclient( $ns, true );

errorCheck( $nusoap );

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