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Hi guys, I'm playing with snoopy and am stuck on doing two calls in the same  
script. The second call revisits a website after getting an existing link  
based on the results of the first call ... If I hard code the URL, then  
everything is fine. It's this line that goes wrong  
"$newsnoopy->fetchtext($newurl);" ... If I put  
$newsnoopy->fetchtext(http://result/of/first/call/); It's fine. Any help  

error ...  "BAD REQUESTYour client sent a request that this server didn't  
understand.Request: "


$snoopy = new Snoopy();
$url = " =".$_GET['inputpc'];;
$snoopy->agent = "Mozilla/8.0";

$newurl = $snoopy->results[38];;

$newsnoopy = new Snoopy();
$newsnoopy->agent = "Mozilla/8.0";
$newsnoopy->fetchtext(" /"); // this works
//$newsnoopy->fetchtext($newurl);                        // this doesn't
//$newsnoopy->fetchtext($snoopy->results[38]);    // this doesn't

echo $newurl."<br>";
//echo $newsnoopy->results;

$exploded=explode(" ",$newsnoopy->results);
echo $exploded[42];
echo "<br>";
echo $exploded[51];


Re: Snoopy help ..

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Thanks to any that read this. I viewed the output source and therer was an  
&amp; instead of an & in the URL.

$newurl = str_replace("&amp;", "&", $newurl);


Re: Snoopy help ..

Stick in a debug output to show you what $newurl is being set as, so
you can see if its a properly formatted url.


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Re: Snoopy help ..

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Thanks, it did turn out to be a badly formatted variable.  

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