SMARTY templates - is there an easy way to hit all output with a regex to change the URLs

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My boss gave me this assignment:

"Change all the URLs on our website so that they no longer look like
dynamic URLs. Make them look like folders."

I spent all yesterday studying Apache mod_rewrite so now I think a url
like this:

gets internally, invisibly changed to

so that our PHP scripts still see a pass parameter called "category"
that in this case would have a value of 50.

But how do I redo all the URLs that are there on our webpages? The site
is done in Smarty. Does anyone know the easiest place to change output
in Smarty? I don't know much about it.

If there is a better forum on the web for discussing issues related to
Smarty, I'd be grateful if someone could point me to them.



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