smarty problem

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I have the problem which solution I couldn`t have found on internet.

I have 3-dimensional array which looks like this:


$j and $k are dynamic. The example of using this array is:






As you can see the 1st dimension of the array have the following values:
value "0" has the hour 16 and various minutes and id message
value "1" has the hour 12 and various minutes and id message

I use smarty:

$smarty->assign('timeline_day', $table_timeline);

I don`t know how to get the values of the 3-rd dinemnsional array dynamicaly  
in the tpl files:

I thought up a static solution which looks like this but it is not so good  
for me:

{foreach name=test from=$timeline_day item=arr}
 :     ....

I would like to get every value of the array seperatly.

I would like to change the statement  :  

to be the dynamic one i.e.: :  

I didn`t find any solution on the internet. Please help me. I spent 5 hours  
on it without any result:(

Thank you in advance for every post.
Marcin from Poland  

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