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Is there any framework or plugin for smarty which can be used with Ajax?


Re: smarty for ajax

I am developing some web application with smarty.
However, for these parts i need to use ajax, i have to
write javascript on the "*.tpl" file and call php script from
there, get the data and put the data in the div innerHTML.
There is another way to use the smarty with Ajax?


Re: smarty for ajax

M D wrote:

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You are in right direction. It will works but keep on thing in mind
that what ever you will echo from callled PHP script will be return as
AJAX return value. You can then use that return value in innerHTML.

Mitul Patel

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Re: smarty for ajax

M D wrote:
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My guess would be sajax:

Thanks in Advance...
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Re: smarty for ajax


on 09/20/2006 04:28 AM M D said the following:
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This forms generation class comes with an AJAX form submit plug-in and
also a plug-in to integrate with Smarty:


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