Smarty "Flush"? (Displaying Smarty templates in parts)

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I have a smarty template with about 500 rows, that take a long time to
I was wondering if there was a way to display it by parts (i.e. first
of all display the first 100 rows, then rows 100-200 and so on)

Re: Smarty "Flush"? (Displaying Smarty templates in parts)

Setting table-layout to fixed and specifying column widths with <cols>
can sometimes speed up incremental table rendering. Example:

Removing or re-working nested tables might help also.

Smarty output gets flushed periodically just like a regular PHP
script. You could also force it with:


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Re: Smarty "Flush"? (Displaying Smarty templates in parts)

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Getting rid of nested tables can help a great deal.  I took over
a web development project where the original developer used an
authoring tool that relied 100% on tables, even for simple things
like drawing a border around the page.  Tables were nested 7 deep at
times, just for positioning text!  The pages now have a mixture of
CSS and tables for layout, and no more than 3 levels of tables exist
anywhere.  It made a big difference in the load time of the page,
even though the actual number of bytes stayed about the same.


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