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Ok this is a follow up to a very old topic so I thought it qualified a
new topic the original topic is:
now I have talked to my resseller (a friend of mine) and he told me he
doesnt have ANY problems with backslahses going wherever any quotes are
and he told me I could possibly use the "str_replace" function to get
around this problem so I tried that but of course trying to put a
backslash in quotes is either VERY complex or impossible so if you know
how thats great please tell me.  But as I say its very odd as he doesnt
have the same problem that I have, and being my resseller surely he's
on the same server as me?


Re: slashes

James54321 wrote:

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Backslashes are added for a good reason namely escaping the next character  
all great yeah so you need to know where to use them and where not no such  
thing as a general solution yeah please use functions like strip_slashes()  
and add_slashes() to make the string fit your needs and do not forget to  
understand in the first place where the backslahes come from because if you  
do not understand the issue chances are that your application is vunarable  
to SQL-injection yeah also it is very well possible that your friends  
server has another php.ini than you do so his application behaves  
differently look for magic_quotes_gpc settings in your php.ini file and  
read the part at that covers it just type php.ini in the  
searchbox and it will take you there.

Next time use a little more punctuation if you make a posting. :-)

Erwin Moller

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