Skins (styles), views... how many files?

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I'm seperating logic (PHP, SQL) from presentation (HTML, CSS, JS). But
there is a question. Which presentation files should belong to SKIN?

** 1. What are SKINS (STYLES)? **

After installing scripts like forum or CMS, admins often look for
other styles for them. :) Visitors may select skin. Skins can contain:
a) all presentation files (like in PhpBB)
b) only CSS (like in PunBB)
c) only CSS + main layout

In case of a), most files can remain unchanged.

In case of b) or c), rest of files will make another group of View
files. Let's call it SCHEME. Then we can make 2 solutions:

A. Only one scheme should exist. Admin or webdesigner can edit its

B. Schemes have their folders. Admin can download another schemes and
choose proper scheme in admin panel. Concluding, schemes are a whole
seperate ideas of presentation and elements arrangement.

If you choose B, write whether skins should be universal or whether
schemes should have their skins.

Re: Skins (styles), views... how many files?

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In my opinion, 'skins' and 'templates' are different (Although
templates are distributed and modified with skins themselves). Further
on the separation of structure and style, your structure code (HTML/
XHTML, etc) is separated from your CSS.  The structural changes would
constitute a change to the template, and change in CSS will be a
change to the skin.  Now, of course you can use CSS to make structural
changes (especially hide/not display whole parts of the DOM), I would
still consider this a skin change because the underlying structure
isn't changed (it is still passed to the client).  Another way to look
at it would be that skins can be changed easily by anyone with a
little CSS knowledge or access to a HTML WYSIWYG editor.  For template
changes, which often deal with dynamic content rendering and possibly
use of a scripting language to generate content using simple
conditionals or iterators, that may take a developer.

Re: Skins (styles), views... how many files?

WebCM wrote:
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From the last part this is obviously a homework question!

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