Site management - removing redundant files

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Hi all,

I guess this a bit OT as it really applies to websites in general - but
a solution to the problem might itself be PHP related.

The problem is this: even though I try to manage the release process,
there are inevitably files (css/javascript/php/images/html) which drop
off the map when a released project is actively being developed.
Mapping the live site using a conventional web-crawler is not a very
viable solution since some pages are only available via forms which
update the system or links implemented via javascript.

Since the stuff I work on is all Linux based, I could check the atimes
on files - but my file syncing mechanism updates these - also its
rather difficult to provide access to development/support staff to
rummage about without root access but preserving access times.

The only obvious solution is to check on access from the webserver logs
- but that would need tools for the purpose - also, IIRC, the log
contains the requested URL not the actual file (cf mod_rewrite).

Anybody thought of another solution to this?


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