sing two arrays in a 'for each ..." statement

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I was thinking along these lines initially but didnt know much about arrays.
So thought the easiest way was to use two separate fields. However the two
fields match, in that the commar separated numbers in one field match the
commar separated numbers in the other.
Ive used
$percentarray = explode(",", $brpercentgroup);
to create two separate keyed arrays for each field.

If I combined the fields (easy at this stage as the table has only recently
been created) how would I extract the field contents into an associative
array, as I presume that is what will be needed.
How would I modify it to create an associative array?
would it involve using the '=>' in the glue parameter somehow?

ie field contains 0,100,3,90,4,80,5,85,9,70
into an associative 0=>100,3=>90,4=>80,5=>85,9=>70
If the array was called $percentarray, I presume I would then use;

foreach ($percentarray as $yearvalue=>$percentvalue) {

to extract the two values to use in the function below?

Function taper_rel($aim,
 if($aim = 1){
  $yearsarray = explode(",", $byrsheldgroup);
  $percentarray = explode(",", $brpercentgroup);
 }elseif($aim = 0){
  $yearsarray = explode(",", $nbyrsheldgroup);
  $percentarray = explode(",", $nbrpercentgroup);
 foreach ($yearsarray as &$yearvalue, $percentarray as &$percentvalue) {
     if ($yearsheld==$yearvalue){
   return $percentvalue;


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&$percentvalue) {'
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