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Hi, I'm building a chat engine in php that is going to have a lot of
simultaneos connections and I was wondering what is the best way to do
that. So, some questions came to my mind.
Should I use a database to store the messages?
if yes, should I use a persistent connection?(php is running as an
Apache module)
or maybe SQLite can handle it?
A single php file will handle too many connections?

Share your opinions. Thanks ;-)

Re: Simultaneos connections

Fagner said:
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Yes, no, yes and huh?!

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You're welcome.

Fermat was right.

Re: Simultaneos connections

Fagner wrote:
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PHP is probably not the best way to handle this.  There is no way to  
notify the client that there has been an update (HTML is  
request/response - you must have a request before you can send a  
response).  Either you're going to have to use javascript to keep  
refreshing the window, or the user will need to keep hitting the refresh  
button on the browser.  Either way would be awkward and put an  
unnecessarily high load on the server.

Better would be to do it with something like a Java applet.

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