Simplexml + Namespace +attributes

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Hi folks - hope someone can help me.

Firstly, my apologies for crossposting this to alt.php (and  
not properly crossposting either).

I have an XML file with some elements like those below

<core:District Id="AB01">
  <core:Name>NORTH EAST</core:Name>
  <core:Association Type="type1">VALUE 1a</core:Association>
  <core:Association Type="type2">VALUE 1b</core:Association>
  <core:Association Type="type3">VALUE 1c</core:Association>
<core:District Id="AB02">
  <core:Name>NORTH WEST</core:Name>
  <core:Association Type="type1">VALUE 2a</core:Association>
  <core:Association Type="type2">VALUE 2b</core:Association>
  <core:Association Type="type3">VALUE 2c</core:Association>

I'm trying to parse it using simplexml

I have:

$districts = $xmlfile->children($core);

foreach ($districts as $key => $value)
        echo "Name = " . $value->Name . "\n";
        echo "Region1 = " . $value->Association[0] . "\n";
        echo "Region2 = " . $value->Association[1] . "\n";
        echo "Region3 = " . $value->Association[2] . "\n";


This works fine, but I am unable to access the Id attribute in the
opening District element, i.e. AB01 or AB02.

Would anyone be able to suggest how I might get that value with

Many thanks,


Re: Simplexml + Namespace +attributes

District ID is an attribute of an element, not a child. Therefore to
read it you must use syntax simular to


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