SimpleXML - how to get attributes with namespace? + XML vs. preg_*

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There are lots of problems with XHTML parsing in PHP by XML functions.
I've just solved most of them. However, how to get value of attribute
with namespace?

<input type="checkbox" id="something" f3:var="config.item" />

foreach(xpath('//input[@id="ms"]') as $item) echo $item['f3:var'];

It doesn't work. Even $f3->item['var'].

I wonder whether parsing XML using preg_* and str_* wouldn't better.
Though i'm only creating a template system. XML parsing is only used
for FORMS with IF conditions generating. Example output:

<input type="checkbox" id="something" <?php if($config['item']) echo
'checked="checked" ';?>/>


<?php if($config['item']) echo '<input type="checkbox" id="something"
checked="checked" />'; else echo '<input type="checkbox"
id="something" />'; ?>

There is only 1 (later maybe more) new attribute: f3:var - which can
be situated in <form> (for all checkbox, radio and select) or in
input / select elements.

Give me some advices. What is better for this purpose - XML in PHP or
preg_* / str_*?

Re: SimpleXML - how to get attributes with namespace? + XML vs. preg_*


Pass the namespace URI to the attributes method to access prefixed

    $attrs = $node->attributes('http://example.test/myNamespace ');
    echo $attrs['myAttribute'];

More info at:


John Peters

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