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I've set up a web gallery with 6 thumbnails per page, etc with php which
is a big complicated mess because I'm not a brilliant programmer... it
is the outgrowth of a couple classes I took at a community college & not
my main career... anyways someone asked me to set up something like that
for their web site and I'm wondering if there is a simpler php package
to accomplish this task. I prepare thumbnails in a subfolder named
thumbs and put annotation in little text files:

_DSC5801.jpg    _DSC5801.txt    thumbs/_DSC5801.jpg

I've got a copy running on localhost that includes admin stuff for
creating those text files, which most people would probably do using
mySQL (complicated) and you'd still need to set up a boatload of junk
for admin login so I guess those annotations would just have to be
created manually if this solution is going to be simple.

Any ideas?

I maintain another site with mySQL though I needed to hire someone more
fluent to set it up in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe something
simple but generally that gets way too complicated. I'm somewhat
familiar with the gallery package on sourceforge and that's way too
complicated although I suppose there's a way of turning most of the
options off. This is just for a few portfolio pages, it's not a big
complicated thing. For example, this is the output stripped to bare bones:

<a href="0.htm"><img src="thumbs/_PBF5442.jpg"width="100" height="66" > </a>
<a href="1.htm"><img src="thumbs/_PBF5447.jpg"width="66" height="100" > </a>
<a href="2.htm"><img src="thumbs/_PBF5465.jpg"width="100" height="66" > </a>
<a href="3.htm"><img src="thumbs/_PBF5466.jpg"width="100" height="66" </a>
<a href="4.htm"><img src="thumbs/_PBF5476.jpg"width="100" height="66" > </a>
<a href="5.htm"><img src="thumbs/_PBF5482.jpg"width="100" height="66" > </a>
<img src="_PBF5466.jpg" title="_PBF5466.jpg" "width="640" height="428"
Annotation here.

Kind of tedious to make six pages though, for each gallery... but still
probably faster than a big complicated project of automating that.

Paul Furman

Re: simple web gallery

http://mntPaul Furman wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: simple web gallery

salmobytes wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks, interesting... looks like you login to upload & it probably
generates thumbnails? The provided admin login doesn't let me in though.
I see where it'll display an image if I copy the the jpg name into the url.

Paul Furman

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Re: simple web gallery

Paul Furman wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Actually it doesn't generate thumbnails. I'll have to add that.
But it does recurse down and back up through a file system,
like a graphical file system widget, making
a default page for each image, *txt or *.htm* ...and links for
everything  else (of recognized type).....a config file chooses
between tables layout or css divs.
echo -n username | md5sum goes into the login file,
with three permissioins: admin, uploader and reader

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Re: simple web gallery

<Paul Furman>
<Sat, 21 Jun 2008 14:31:43 -0700>

Quoted text here. Click to load it started off as a simple app and somewhere i could
upload a screenshot to without the need to fire up a ftp app .

Over several months it gradually grew as i added options to it .

While you can of course install a script that somebody wrote - the fact
is its never going to look or do exactly what you want it to do .

So , What you could do is start from scratch to get the uploader to work
and to display the image , Then learn as you go by adding various
options to it .

The first thing to learn being how to automatically create thumbnails
using the image you just uploaded .

BTW: the website doesnt use mysql - and its all done with
flat files - so despite what you might think - you dont need to use a
sql database if you dont want to .

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