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I have dates like "8/27" or "9/4", and I need to convert them to date

When choosing a year, we should go backwards until we find the first
match.  That is, if the script runs on Jan 1, 2008 and encounters the
string "8/27", it should return a date for "8/27/2007".

I've been playing around with strtodate and some other functions but I
can't figure this out, and as there must be a simple solution I'd like
to avoid writing a custom function.

Thanks for any help,

Re: Simple String To Date Question

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The year will always be this year or last year.  So, try both and pick
the one that is before the current date:

$someDate = '8/27'

$lastYear = strtotime($someDate . '/' . date('Y'));
$thisYear = strtotime($someDate . '/' . (date('Y')-1));

$theDate = ($thisYear <= time()) ? $thisYear : $lastYear;

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