Simple Smarty Template Engine Question

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Hi, I'm very new to Smarty Template Engine and I'm using PHP 5.0.4 on
the Windows XP Professional platform and I have the following question:

When I change the  7th line of the script to use a new name and refresh
the browser, it maintains the old value instead of updating to the new
value.  Both index.php and SmartySetup.class.php appear below:




$smarty = new SmartySetup;

$smarty->assign( 'name','Frank');





// load Smarty library

class SmartySetup extends Smarty {

   function SmartySetup()

        // Class Constructor.
        // These automatically get set with each new instance.


        $this->template_dir = '/wwwroot/test/smarty/templates/';
        $this->compile_dir  = '/wwwroot/test/smarty/templates_c/';
        $this->config_dir   = '/wwwroot/test/smarty/configs/';
        $this->cache_dir    = '/wwwroot/test/smarty/cache/';

        $this->caching = true;
        $this->assign('app_name', 'Guest Book');



In short, I would like to make sure that if the page, index.php,
doesn't change then use the cache.  However, if the page does change,
then I would like to use the newer copy and update the cache.  Thus, if
anyone has any ideas as to how to resolve this issue, please
feel free to post.

Thanks in advance,


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