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Well, before I try to tackle this, just thought I would ask around if anyone  
is aware of something that might not do the following:

I have 5 guys to schedule a lunch, each month, for them to attend on a  
Friday. So, I need to have a web interface where each, say, can designate  
what Fridays they are not availabel in a given month, and waht particular  
friday would be their preference. Then, I attempt to schedule the one friday  
that they call can be there for, and if more than one, then the one with the  
highest preference. Is anyone aware of a simple scheduling script like this  
out there? -Ike  

Re: simple scheduling script

Ike wrote:
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As for something pre-existing and simple (key point)  that will do what
you ask, I am not aware of anything.

You could always roll your own if all you need is something light and
simple.  But if you aren't concerned with having extra features that
won't be used, why not install something like WebCalendar [1]?  Set up
each person with their own calendar, let them specify free time as
events.  Then you can view all the calendars overlapping and see where
everyone is available.

It probably has a lot more features than you want, but if it covers all
your needs and saves you the time of making your own, then it may be
worth it.

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