Simple question?? PHP..ODBC..and...dBASE

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Ok this may be a dumb question to some but for the first time this
evening I have to access dBASE file through ODBC.. I'm trying to do
simple queries of SELECT * FROM ??? however I can't for the life of me
figure out what to put in place of the ???. Any help would be great..


Re: Simple question?? PHP..ODBC..and...dBASE

The name of the table.  For example, you may have a database called
"MyCompany" which contains the tables "Products", "Orders", and
"Customers".  To view the contents of the Products table, you would
type this:

use MyCompany
SELECT * FROM Products

Your database might be simpler, and only contain one table.  For
example, say you have a database called "Newsletter" which contains one
table called "Newsletter".  You would type:

use Newsletter
SELECT * FROM Newsletter

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