simple MVC framework?

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I'm new to PHP (but old to coding)...

Long ago (long before CSS, XSL...) I wrote a quick & dirty lightweight
MVC CMS in FoxPro using CGI, but all that code is gone, gone (a one-
shot gig back in the mid-1990's).

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'm now looking for a simple framework
that keeps input field formatting only in the HTML files so that end-
users can just mod the HTML, following simple INPUT tag formatting.

So long as the HTML name tags meet the Model metadata schema, the
Controller should "just work" with only occasional subclassing. I'm
hoping to only have a minimal need for occasional View-level .php

But I haven't found anything that meets my needs. Anybody know of such
a thing? I've found lots of examples for light-weight frameworks, but
they all seem to entail programming HTML tags for form INPUT fields
when the server responds.

Thanks in advance,


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