simple example of how to use a db access class

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I'm building a simple Object Oriented CMS using PHP5
and the new object model (new to both). I'm looking  
for some design advice on how best to integrate the
database class - which creates the db connection and  
executes the sql queries.  In my particular case,
I have 3 objects (classes) that I instantiate from
a given script (call it index.php). Each must have
access to the database. So, do I create a db connection  
once and declare it 'global' in the various classes?  
or do I create a db connection in each class - maybe
in the constructor? or is there some other practice  
that's widely accepted? Any recommendations are  
greatly appreciated.

    // index.php
    $dbconn = csite::DB();

    $a = new cvisitor();
    $b = new cvalid8r();
    $c = new cnode();

    ... blah blah

    // cvisitor.php
    class cvisitor {
    public function __construct() {
    public function __destruct() {
    public function getVisitor() {
      // open the db
      global $dbconn;

    ... do the db stuff


Re: simple example of how to use a db access class

Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer wrote:
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Don't use global variables if you can help it. They create runtime
dependencies in your code, making your code less reuseable and harder
to understand/debug.

A general technique I use for such situations is to call a function to
retrieve the database connection. The function itself would use a
static variable to cache the handler, so that it wouldn't need to go
through the same motion when it's called again:

function GetDatabaseConnection() {
   static $connection;
   if(is_null($connection)) {

     /* open the connection */
    $connection = ???

   return $connection;

Another way to model it is to pass the database connection in each


That gives your more flexibility, since your code could potentially
operate on different databases.

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