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I am doing some work developing a OneBox for a Google Mini.  All I
need to do is take a $_GET values from the Mini (in this case,
specifically "query"), format it into a URI to pass off to another
script, get the results from that script in XML, and hand that XML
back off to the Mini.  So basically it acts as a go-between, and
simple translator for the initial request.

So, the OneBox sends a request like:

The script turns that into:

Then it gets the XML from that and just returns it to the OneBox as

This is my first dive into some actual PHP development work, so I'm
having a slow time getting any real traction to start out, but I
figure if I can get this rolling, it won't be hard to flesh out.

Re: Simple data handler

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I did not see a question?

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Rik Wasmus

Re: Simple data handler

I guess I'm just wondering where to start at.  I can get as far as
making the URI that needs to be queried, but then returning the
results is where I am a little stuck at.  I was thinking something

$isbn = $_GET["query"];
$key = "XXXXXXXX";
$link = " =" . $key .
"&index1=isbn&value1=" . $isbn;
$xml = @simplexml_load_file($link) or die ("no file loaded") ;

I don't know if that'd be right or not, but I do know that if it is,
I'm not sure how to make sure that data gets returned to the OneBox.
The idea seems simple enough, but I fear I might be just a tad in over
my head.

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Re: Simple data handler

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That looks like it works.  The server I was working on wasn't PHP5, it
was 4.4.4, which explained why it didn't show up with anything.  That
code seems to check out well though.  Thanks for the advice.

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