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I am building a website for a friend and in the website we want to have
a login area for the members to type in there password and username.
The username and password are in connection with the phpbb2 forum we
are running.  I'm curious as to how I would create a sign in area for
the members to use on the main page that would be linked with the
phpbb2 database.

How would this be possible?  I've asked on other forums and no one has
helped yet.  I figured I would try here and see if anyone could give
some suggestions.

Thanks for any help given!


Re: Sign-in Link to Database?

Following on from wisebryce's message. . .
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you don't know how to write a simple form, catch and validate the  
input and lookup the database then you need to address those issues by  
looking at tutorial materials.

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Re: Sign-in Link to Database?

Hello Peter,

I appreciate the help you've given.  Do you happen to know of any links
that would help in this process?  A tutorial online that could help?
I'd really appreciate any assistance because I'm not sure exactly what
I should be searching for on Google... Any help? Thanks!


Re: Sign-in Link to Database?

Try searching for something like "php mysql login script", and change
mysql to whichever db you are using.

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