Show a process interaction on a PHP site

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I've 2 questions that are linked:
#1: I'm doing a site to manage a lot of unix scripts, a now how to
call each script and how to pass their arguments, but most of this
scripts are interactive, i.e., they ask for more information to the
If I'm not wrong, wen we call a external program from a site with php
(or any other language), we only get the site control after the
process is finished. So, if it is correct, how can I put the script's
runtime output (the script's askings) on my site an after send again
to the script to let him finish his process?

#2: This is like the first, but instead of the script ask something,
it only send the information for the display (if it is running on a
xTerm for exemple) and that information has a refresh rate. How can I
show that information on my site with all the refreshes?

Any idea?


Re: Show a process interaction on a PHP site

Read this:

It covers most of your questions.

Also, if you're interested in how scripts can call other programs at a
slightly lower level, you might want to look up forks (see: fork(2),
wait(2) ).

--Colin Horne

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