should PHP ever run as root?

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My company is leasing a server from Interland, which is a very large
web hosting company. I assume Interland knows how to set up a BSD
server with the usual add-ons, including PHP. But when I run
phpinfo(), I get information that makes it seem like PHP is running as
root. Isn't this a security problem?

This is some of the info I'm getting back from phpinfo():

Additional Modules


USER    root
HOME    /root
ORIG_HOME    /root
LOGNAME    root
TERM    vt100
PATH    /bin:/usr/bin
CALLER    root
CALLER_HOME    /root
SUPERCMD    apachectl_1.3.22_2.8.5
ORIG_USER    root

PHP Variables

HTTP_SERVER_VARS["argc"]    0
HTTP_ENV_VARS["HOME"]    /root
HTTP_ENV_VARS["TERM"]    vt100
HTTP_ENV_VARS["PATH"]    /bin:/usr/bin
HTTP_ENV_VARS["SUPERCMD"]    apachectl_1.3.22_2.8.5

Re: should PHP ever run as root?

lawrence wrote:

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That looks bad... Try creating a directory at the "/" level. If you can
do that, then you can do about anything....

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Re: should PHP ever run as root?

lawrence wrote:
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Welll, that looks really neat!
Just launch a script execing shutdown -h 0 and see what happens.
Houston, that is not good, I repeat not good

Without wanting to feed an urban myth, xs4all, among the bigger providers
here in the Netherlands also hardly seem to have a clue about a lot of what
even I call straightforward stuff.

Perhaps though this is a chrooted environment ? Not too familiar with all
its intricacies, but I guess it could be possible to make it seem like a
regular root ? But maybe I am babbling as well. I often am, they say ;-)

If this is truely a root environment I'd feel rather awkward, knowing the
userbase of these big players.

Good luck with that, and have a ball while you're at it! (and keep us

Re: should PHP ever run as root?

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I'll give that a try later today.

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What does chrooted mean?

By the way, I just had PHP create a directory and the owner of the
directory was listed as "nobody". What to conclude? Or, better, what
to test?

Re: should PHP ever run as root?

On 6 Aug 2004 11:40:49 -0700, (lawrence) wrote:

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It means the directory structure is made to appear that you're in one
place (like / ) when you're really in another ( like /usr/yourname >
and the directories like bin, etc and lib show up with only the
commands you can run.
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nobody is the userid assigned to the web server by default.  
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