Shopping Cart Hell

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New to php and mysql

Here's my dilemma:
I created a site for a photographer over a year ago using the Joomla
CMS.  His customers login and see their own specific gallery of

Now he wants his customers to be able to order prints online.  I
figured that I could add some code to the php page in the gallery
script that shows the image.  Just some basic options, print size,
quantity, add to cart button...

I wouldn't know how to get that info into a persistent shopping cart
using sessions or cookies.

I don't need help with the checkout process, I'm confident I can
handle that on my own.  Just need some direction with the ordering and
session cart.

Any input is greatly appreciated.



Re: Shopping Cart Hell wrote:
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Since you're running under Joomla, I'd recommend you try the Joomla user  
groups.  The environment running under Joomla is a little different -  
and you have to take that into consideration or you can screw other  
things up.

But why reinvent the wheel?  Just use a shopping cart already made for  

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Re: Shopping Cart Hell

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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Ahh but that requires enough intelligence to enter
joomla shopping cart
into Google and clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky"!  

Re: Shopping Cart Hell says...

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Ahh .. now I see the problem - you're stuck in a rut and can only type  
one phrase.

You're not an implementation of one of those neural nets are you?  
Or perhaps Max           mmm max headroom...;-)


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