shell_exec causing CGI ERROR

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I have a php page that needs to call a batch script.  My test script
has one line:  echo test.

I am running Win2003 Server, IIS, and php 4.3.10.

When I first tried running my php script I got an error that said
"unable to execute ...".  Then I granted the IIS user execute
privledges to cmd.exe (I know, I know ... security risk).

Once I did that, my script gives me a CGI ERROR - something about http

I've scoured google groups and come up with nothing that works.  I
tried one solution that uses an executable called bgrun.exe.  That exe
calls my batch script - still no luck.  I've tried exec() and
shell_exec().  No difference.  I've tried saving the result to a
variable and not.  No difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: shell_exec causing CGI ERROR

try system() command instead of exec(). e.g.

consider following example taken from PHP Manual

echo '<pre>';

// Outputs all the result of shellcommand "ls", and returns
// the last output line into $last_line. Stores the return value
// of the shell command in $retval.
$last_line = system('ls', $retval);

// Printing additional info
echo '
<hr />Last line of the output: ' . $last_line . '
<hr />Return value: ' . $retval;

Re: shell_exec causing CGI ERROR

Nope.  I entered it exactly as written in your post (and in the php
manual).  Still no luck.

I've given up.  I'm switching to apache.

- Matt

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