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I used this php package to install on my system... (i had problems with the
isapi package from php so im back to the cgi portion of PHP php-cgi.exe)

PHP 5.0.0 installer [2,235Kb] - 26 July 2004
(CGI only, packaged as Windows installer to install and configure PHP, and
automatically configure IIS, PWS and Xitami, with manual configuration for
other servers. N.B. no external extensions included

It works fine... as the test page outputs the correct php page.

i also setup MySQL database 4.0.20a-nt that works fine too.

I installed PHP to make use of the mysql database thrue phpmyadmin. When i
try phpadmin it gives the messages;

cannot load MySQL extension,
please check PHP Configuration.

So how do i load the mysql extenstion thrue php.ini in system dir to work
with php-cgi.exe ?

When i tried to load the php_mysql.dll with php.ini wich is provided with
the isapi package of php it gives an error loading ... Php startup mysql:
unable to initialize module. Module compiled with module Api=20040718 ,
debug = o , thread safety =1 PHP compiled with module Api=20040412 , debug =
o, thread safety =1 these options need to match.


( i tried the isapi install earlier but that gave numerous errors, so am
back at the php-cgi.exe)

So question is.. how do i load a mysql extension to work with php-cgi.exe ,
so i could use phpmyadmin. wich relies on the mysql extention. Or.. how do i
make phpmyadmin work with php-cgi.exe and MySQL.

Furtheron it shoud work with phpnuke too.



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