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I have a (dummy) page that uses PHP to change CSS - so that different
looks can be applied without loading the complete page again etc, and to
ease the deployment of new looks - much like does
(actually part of my script is from their site).

Anyway - currently the PHP-script only covers the first page - if I have
subpages, the different CSS doesn't "follow through" - I'm wondering how
I can make it.

The code I'm using is this (with comments):


$tempCSS = $HTTP_GET_VARS["cssfile"];
if ($tempCSS != "") {
 $loadCSS = $tempCSS;
} else {
 /* sets a default CSS file if no querystring specified */
 $loadCSS = "default.css";
$currentDesign = $loadCSS;


 <!-- make sure this goes somewhere between <head> and </head> -->
 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $loadCSS; ?>"
title="default" media="screen" />

 <!-- to link any particular stylesheet later, just add a querystring to
the current page: -->
 <a href="thispage.html?cssfile=/002/002.css">Change Style</a>

How can I take the current value from the address bar and add it to any
link that's a local link to subpages?


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