sessions and persistence?

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How are sites built so that once a website has been left (either by logging  
out or by just moving out of the domain), that a login becomes necessary  
again once the site is revisited (either by back button, history or  
revisiting the site)?

Thank you in advance.

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Raj (Newbie)

Re: sessions and persistence?

raj wrote:
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Using javascript that kills the cookie, but that of course only works if the  
user enables javascript, which nowadays don't include all the users.



Re: sessions and persistence?

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Usually a log-in stays active as long as the browser remains open (for  
security schemas that don't use cookies) or as long as the cookies aren't  
thrown away / expired (for security schemas that do use cookies).

However, you can also use a session key in the querystring, with a  
specific time stamp embedded in it. Each time the visitor changes page,  
you update the session key with a more current time stamp. Then when the  
visitor has been away for a few minutes, or enters the site from a  
different place, the session will have expired.

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

Re: sessions and persistence?

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For logging-out code, look up session_destroy() in the documentation. If  
the user does not explicitly log out, I trust the normal session  
handling of PHP to do the job. That may mean that the user can come back  
during some time without logging on again. I don't mind.

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