session variables problem

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On there logins are handled with session
variables. Once the user is logged in, a session variable contains the
nickname. This nickname is then retrieved for the chat and for the tic-
tac-toe game in calling a php file, which echos the session variables.

Some users however get empty session variables when the flash file
calls this php file. This is odd, since the user has successfully
logged in, hence the session variables are set successfully, but then
flash calls the php script, which should echo the session variables,
they are suddenly empty.

Any explanation for this phenomenon would be highly appreciated. Only
a small percentage of the users are affected and it does not seem to
be connected to a specific browser or browser settings.

many thanks

Re: session variables problem

NickPick wrote:
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It sounds like the session cookie isn't being sent to the server.
Perhaps it's the version of flash, or maybe some anti-virus or firewall

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Re: session variables problem

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I think its far more likely that flash is either not passing the
session id or using the wrong session id when it makes the request
rather than the session variable being empty.

You'd need to test this for yourself - instrument your system to log
the session id for each request and/or sniff the network traffic
generated by a failing flash implementation.

And if my guess is correct then what option do you have for resolving
the problem? It could be expected behaviour in some browser if the
flash lib lives in a sand pit. It might be a bug in the supplied code
which you can't fix. You may be able to explicitly pass the session id
as a parameter into the declaration of the flash object in the
original page?


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