Session variables not being stored to session.save_path correctly

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For about a month now I've been ripping my hair out and cussing a lot as
to why PHP4 running on my Win2K dev box has not been writing the
$_SESSION variable correctly to session.save_path at the end of a
certain page.

Using print_r( $_SESSION ); showed that $_SESSION contained exactly what
I was expecting but once it was written to session.save_path it showed
an earlier state of $_SESSION in that page.

I spent ages trying to locate the problem. I was certain PHP or my
config was causing the problem. Why wouldn't I? after all print_r(
$_SESSION ) was showing the correct info.

Eventually I discovered it. I had accidently linked the src attribute on
an image to a php file rather than a graphic file. I didn't notice the
problem because the graphics haven't yet been created. It was good of
PHP to tell me there was a problem in my HTML by failing to write the
session data away properly. So if anybody has a similar problem, check
your HTML!


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