Session Variables and Domain Redirection Problem

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Hi, I have an strange problem with session variables.

I have a site hosted in a local server. I have physic access to this
server and its configuration.(apache, php,files...).

I have external access to the web site by typing the public ip address
of the local server.

I have a domain too, and this domain is redirected to the static public
ip of the local server so when I type (out of the local server net) the
domain in a web explorer I surf to the content of the local server
(like typing the public ip).

I have observed with the redirection configuration, that when I click
on elements of the page that propagate parameters, this it is not
reflected in the address.
I have a link that points to .
When I click on this link I go to the link but the explorer address is
always .
However in the link properties I can see that this link points to
http://my local ip/link.php.
This doesn.t happen if I go to my site using the public Ip.

This is the problem:

I have the typical login form.When the data submitted is ok, the login
name is saved in a session variable.To check if the active visitor is
logged in, I check the existence of this session variable every page

This works ok in the local server.
Using the public ip address works ok too.

But when I use the domain direction this does not work in Internet
explorer (I have tried in different computers). but in Mozilla it does
work.  I think Internet explorer configuration is not letting session
variables to be propagated with the redirection.
Any sugestion?.  
Thanks for reading.

Re: Session Variables and Domain Redirection Problem

fReDiNi wrote:
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Session id's are stored as cookies by default (depends on browser  
settings).  And one domain cannot read a cookie set by another domain.  
To be able to do so would be a huge security hole.

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: Session Variables and Domain Redirection Problem

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Yup..its depend on browser settings. If you use internet exporer and
the security and privacy settings is set to HIGH, your session can't be
stored. Try to set privacy settings to  medium.


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