session value and radio button

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On one page I have radio buttons below pictures, here is one picture...

  <img src="images/web-aroundworld458c.jpg" width="100" height="51"  
alt="" /><br />
<input type="radio"  name="image_choice" value="lp15-web-aroundworld458c"  
style="width: 35px;"/>LP-15<br />

...then I have a link to a page in which if a radio button is chosen, a  
value will be passed to the new page.


The theory works but what is passed is the wording "image_choice" and not  
what I expected...."lp15-web-aroundworld458c".

If the value of image_choice is "lp15-web-aroundworld458c", then why would  
it return the literal "image_choice"?
How can I get the value of the button to go to the new page?

Also, does session_start(); need to be on each php page when passing the  
values between pages?


Re: session value and radio button

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Advice: be clearer about what your code is, don't say "I've got this
and that code", just show us

Firstly yes session_start needs to be whereever you wish to use the
session - see
and secondly
what is this expected to do?


don't you mean

where $image_choice is what you sent, either $_GET['image_choice'] or
but you havent actually given enough code to help us help you.

Re: session value and radio button

I will try this worded different...

HTML page 1: I have two radio buttons...
<?php session_start(); ?>
<input type="radio"  name="image_choice" value="lp13-web-wild165c"  
style="width: 35px;"/>LP-13<br />
<input type="radio"  name="image_choice" value="lp14-web-wild289c"  
style="width: 35px;"/>LP-14<br />

HTML page 2: Problem...on html page 2, how would I show which button was  

Would it be....
<?php session_start();
echo $_SESSION['image_choice'];

What I am looking to get as a result is  lp13-web-wild165c or  
lp14-web-wild289c to be printed to the screen.  

Re: session value and radio button

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If your form method is POST  
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If your form method is GET
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Sessions aren't really relevant to your problem.


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