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I've been using FF2.n in developing a hideously complex FAMP app.
Last week, session seemed to stop working for no good reason.  I
went into my zen-of-debugging mode, and investigated everything
in greater and greater depth, feeling sure I was somehow stepping
on something without realising it.  I couldn't find it.

To cut a long and painful story short, this morning I finally
discovered that FF2.n *doesn't special-case localhost* when
refusing cookies.  

I'd got fed up with having to periodically purge cookies, so I
turned off default acceptance.  It never crossed my mind that
localhost would also be interdicted!  So every time I'd refresh a
page, php would start another session, making it look as though
session vars weren't being saved and session wasn't working

So often it's the things that nobody'd be dumb enough to do that
somebody was dumb enough to do.


Re: Session stopped working?

El 18/03/2010 18:14, A.Reader escribió/wrote:
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I don't understand all your acronyms but I believe FF2 is Firefox 2,
isn't it? Well, I've just tested and I can tell you that Firefox 3.6 has
no apparent problems with cookies or PHP sessions at http://localhost
with the default cookie settings. Whatever the problem was, it's been fixed.

Firefox 2 is quite old and it's a problem that's only affecting you (not
any of your users). Why don't you just upgrade?

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Re: Session stopped working?

On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:42:11 +0100,

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It's nice to know they've fixed it, Álvaro.  Thanks for testing.

I'm still using FF2 (yes, I probably should have spelled it out,
but I've seen 'FF' so often for Firefox....) because even 3.1 was
unbearably buggy -- so I could just never be hedgehogged to
switch over.  If I can find a way to slurp up all the bookmarks,
maybe I'll try 3.6, since I think you're implying that it's
stable and largely bug-free.

I basically posted not to indict FF2 (which, as you say, is quite
old), but rather as a reminder that a completely open mind should
be kept when looking for the source of a bug.


Re: Session stopped working?

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You mean, like using FF2 for development?

Re: Session stopped working?

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When sessions quit working for no good reason, or don't work in the
first place, the method of *FIRST* resort should be checking the
session cookie.  It can be missing for a number of reasons:  user
privacy settings, browser bugs, cross-domain security, firewall-based
cookie blocking, ISP-based cookie-blocking that you can't shut off,
proxies that remove cookies, etc.

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It shouldn't.  How else do you test things on your development site?

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