session_start() error

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I keep getting an error that says this:

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers

already sent (output started at c:\program files\easyphp1-8\www\the

site\adminlogin.php:3) in c:\program files\easyphp1-8\www\the

site\ on line 5

Does anyone know what it means?  I am trying to create a account login

and that warning comes up... Nothing bad happens.  If anything does

anyone know how to suppress php from showing the warning? though I'd

rather figure out how to fix it


Nick -php- web design

Re: session_start() error

y_oda2002 wrote:
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You have to put session_start *before* any other output from the script, ie.
before any echo, print or similar.


Re: session_start() error

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005 09:01:10 GMT,
(y_oda2002) wrote:

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 OK, what's in adminlog.php line 3?

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 It means you're trying to start a session, so PHP is trying to send a cookie
and a cache limiter header, but you've already output some content - HTTP
headers can only be sent before any other content.

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 Don't suppress this - it's actually a bit more serious than just a warning as
it'll be screwing up your sessions.

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 Yep, much better.

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re:session_start() error

Thanks for trying to help...

However I still can't figure out the problem....

I keep getting the same error...

Here is what I am doing...

I have some structured code... include files....

I am trying to create a user login where each page knows the user is

or isnt logged in....

However whenever I refrence the file with this code (always included

at the beginning of the file)...



    function loggedIn()


        return isset($_SESSION['authorized']);



It throws that error....

Should I only use session_start() once when the user enters the main


It seems that the first page to start the session is fine and

continues to be fine evening when going to it from a page with the


Does anyone know of anything on the web about sessions that would be

able to help me?  

Thanks again for your time..

It's greatly appreciated....

Nick -php- web design

Re: re:session_start() error

This may be a bug in PHP. I found that session_start() does not work if
called from inside a function - you have to call it from top-level code.
Also, you need to call it before you do anything else. HTH :-)

Re: re:session_start() error

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I don't think so... I can start a session later in my code inside a switch
case: statement for example...
You might be wrong

Re: session_start() error

That is unrelated, a switch does not give output. echo 'foo'; is
output. if () is not. Regarding the inability to use session_start()
inside a user defined function, I don't see why this would be a
problem. I'm guessing it was something else.

The key here is output. Headers already sent = output already sent. If
your include file ( has a space after the closing ?>
(line 5ish), that is output. I'm guessing this is the case. It's common
to leave off the closing ?> within include files as to eliminate this
potential problem.

Re: session_start() error

That would explain nicely the problems I experienced - thanks for that :-)

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