session settings in php.ini

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I may have some misundertanding /lack of information, but I have always  
wondered this:

Why there must be THREE setup lines concernig cookie/transid thing:


That makes 2*2*2= 6 combinations. Since this is the case, one would suppose  
all 6 are meaningful and sensible.

But why I feel that session business should in practise use EITHER cookies  
OR trans_id? Not both at the same time and not anything(what) else also. In  
that case only one line was enough and ANYWAY, one line would eliminate  
impossible combinations.

why have not like: session_policy = "cookies" // options:  'cookies',  
'trans_id', 'both'

What is it that I don't get? What is it that I have misunderstood? Or is  
there some historical reasons. Please, list your opinion of MEANINFUL  
combinations of those three settings. Thanks for answers, I believe this can  
enlighten others too.

Re: session settings in php.ini

P Pulkkinen wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Make that 8. :P

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, like me. I was/am also confused by this setup.
It could be a lot clearer. Probably this setup is there for  
backwardcompatibility reasons.

I didn't try all combinations, but this is how I think it works:

defines if cookies are used at all. If yes, a cookie is *possibly* used. In  
false, a cookie is never used.

forces the use of cookies. The next setting is of no importance in that  

If set to true, and session.use_only_cookies is set to false, url-rewriting  
will be used if no cookiesupport is found.

At least that is what I found when using sessions. You milage may vary, etc,  
I agree it is messy and these settings could use a little scrubbing.

Erwin Moller

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