session_set_save_handler and error handling

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Let open, close, read, write, destroy and gc be PHP functions to save  
the superglobal array $_SESSION in a database.

I would like to use the following code:

[1] session_set_save_handler(open,close,read,write,gc);
[2] session_start();
[3] if(!isset($_SESSION))
[4] {
         /* error handling */
     /* session okay */

But what will happen, if (e.g.) the database is down?
Means: What kind of error handling can or must be implemented within the  
functions open, close, read, write, destroy and gc to get a stable  
script? Of course, line [3] is not enough ...

Re: session_set_save_handler and error handling

You can trigger a fatal error with trigger_error('Message',
E_USER_ERROR) or throw an exception. If your read function fails, that
should return false.

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