Session problems...

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Hello All... I'm a bit of a newb, and a lot of confused...

I have a site that relies on a page (display.php) that is included in
index.php to get input from the url, assign a value to a session
variable, then output to a div in index.php.

If I open index.php, it displays the page if url arguments is NULL.
When I mouse over any links at this point the link would include the
session id variable: ie: "index.php?page=content&PHPSESSID=93a9dadfa"

If I pass arguments to it I get the same effect. If i click a link my
session variable $args gets the value "page=content&PHPSE.....", then
I'm able to start clicking on links to get proper conent.

If I pass arguments to it as stated above, then it refresh, I get my
desired page.

So... I guess on first load of index.php, it is not reading the url

A more detailed description of the code can be found here:

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful :)

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