Session problem with Internet Explorer

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I´ve developpen an application which needs session variables for his
correct use but now I´ve detected a bug that i don´t know how to
resolve. I have a link into a page that opens a new window using a
Javascript method and I want that this new windows use the session
variables defined in the parent window. And it works good!!.

The problem comes when i close this new windows and it seems like the
session was closed by the new window. How can I mantain the session in
the parent window? I don´t want that the users manipulate the
preferences of his navigator. That matters only using Internet Explorer
and not always. It depends on the configuration. In my Internet
Explorer works well but in the IE of my partners doesn´t work but i
don´t be able to find a good solution.

Above of my php pages, i put only a session_start().

Thanks in advance

Fran García

Re: Session problem with Internet Explorer

That doesn´t matter only in Internet Explorer. I´ve tested on a linux
with Konqueror and i obtain the same results. When I close the new
windows the session variables are destroyed and i cannot continue using
the application normally.

Re: Session problem with Internet Explorer

2 things I can think of off the top of my head.  First, make sure you
are calling session_start() at the top of both of your pages.  Second,
you can try refreshing the parent window when the child closes.

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